Friday, November 22, 2013

The Almost Perfect Pregnancy

Have you seen that pregnant woman who walk around in their heels, have a cute little belly and still wearing skinny jeans?
Well, that was me!
I had a really amazing pregnancy. I didn't have any morning sickness at all. The only problem I had was feeling a little over tired during my first trimester, but who wouldn't after a long day at work while growing a human being inside of your body? 
I didn't really start showing until almost five months, and I was able to wear most of my own clothes throughout my pregnancy. (Soft cotton, empire waist dresses are the best thing ever for a summer pregnancy) I love fashion and I wasn't going to give it up just because I had a baby bump. I think more and more women feel that way, which is why there are so many new maternity lines coming out all the time. 
I had one food aversion throughout my pregnancy. Asparagus. It was very strange, especially since I really like the stuff. Of course it was the day we were traveling to London, I already wasn't feeling my best, had a bit of a headache, and we went to a restaurant at JFK. I ordered the breaded asparagus. I'd had it before and it was good, and one of the few vegetarian options on the menu. When the waiter put the plate in front of me I almost lost it. The smell hit me and I got so nauseous. I didn't understand why at first, then I tried taking a bite. I almost threw up, it was such a crazy feeling, but my body did not want me to eat that asparagus!  I tried eating asparagus once more later on in my pregnancy, and while the reaction wasn't as severe, I still could not eat it. 
So with that one thing that happened during my pregnancy I felt, overall, things were going quite smoothly. It was really nice. 
Then I had a regular pregnancy check up around the 30 week mark and the doctor said my blood pressure was a little. It was the first time I'd had a slightly high reading, so he wasn't concerned but wanted to see me again in two weeks. 
Two weeks later, back at the doctor, and my blood pressure is still high, higher than the last time. My doctor decides to send me to the hospital for monitoring. It's procedure, a few hours, check on me and the baby, be sure everything is okay and then see from there. At that point I believe my blood pressure was around 145/85, I might be a little off, but close. 
I was alone, as I had just run to the doctor from work and had expected to go back to the office, so there was no reason for my husband to be with me. Of course I call him to let him know, nothing serious, just heading up in a cab to the hospital. He can meet me there as soon as he can. 
By the time I get to the hospital and get all checked in my blood pressure was up another 10 points. My husband arrives and I get put in a temporary room. I get hooked up to a bunch of machines that are monitoring me and the baby and a bunch of nurses and doctors are buzzing around me.  Asking me lots of questions, Do you feel dizzy? Do you feel nauseous? Headaches? Numbness? 
The doctor at the hospital finally comes to talk to me. She explains that I have developed something called Preeclampsia. It's a pregnancy illness that causes high blood pressure and can become very dangerous to both the mother and child. 
The only cure? 
Delivering the baby. 
But I was way too early to deliver!
Everything had been going so well up until then, what could have caused this?
Apparently, no one knows. It's one of those random medical mysteries that doctors can't seem to explain. They know how to treat it, but not how to prevent it. It's also something that usually shows signs earlier in the pregnancy and can be treated until the baby comes to full term. In my case, it came on suddenly and fiercely. A couple of hours after I was being monitored, and now medicated, my blood pressure was still rising.  At one point I'm pretty sure I heard a reading of 190 over 120 which I think is kind of ridiculous, especially since I wasn't exhibiting any symptoms that would be connected with that kind of blood pressure.  The good thing was that the baby seemed to be fine and unaffected by what was going on around him with my body.
All of this craziness and the only thing I could think of was that my baby shower was that Saturday and I simply could not miss it!
You can't miss your own baby shower!  It's the best thing about being pregnant.  You get showered with gifts!
I was thinking I had a couple of days, they can get this under control and I should be home with plenty of time before Saturday.
The doctors finally get my blood pressure to come down to acceptable levels, which are still high, but not life threatening.  They fully admit me and get me into a real hospital room.
They let us know that they won't have to deliver the baby immediately, but they will be monitoring us both and preparing for a delivery soon.  I have to get two days of steroid shots to help the baby's lungs develop before delivery.
I don't think I have experienced anything as painful as those steroid shots.  They gave the shot in the thigh and it was like being punch and burned at the same time.  The burn stayed for hours throughout my thigh and hurt for days after.  I hope to never go through those kind of shots ever again.
I won't go through all of the details, but the next couple of days were difficult and scary and very uncomfortable.  I was swollen all over from the high blood pressure, I couldn't move from the bed, I was constantly being given shots and medication and tests.  It felt like forever, but it was only three days.
Finally my OB-Gyn comes to see us to let us know he will be handling the surgery and delivering the baby.  We were very happy about that since we were comfortable with him and trusted him to help us get through this.  He is an amazing doctor and I was worried a stranger was going to deliver my baby.
Friday, September 28, 2012 at 4:00 I was taken in for a cesarean.  At 4:56pm, little Hudson Shea Walsh was born.
He was so tiny! And perfect! And beautiful!
4 pounds, 17 inches
He came out screaming and healthy and as amazing as it sounds, he was not sent to the NICU.
Even my doctor was surprised when the pediatrician said he could go to well baby after he did his checks.
I was completely out of it at that point from the all of the meds, but I was so relieved that he was healthy and okay.
We were in the hospital for another four days after that.  My blood pressure came down slightly, but not much.  I was given lots of prescriptions and had to learn how to give myself injections which is the least fun thing to have to do to yourself, ever.
Eventually my blood pressure went back to normal and I no longer need any medications to keep it in line.
Hudson came home with us and he was amazing.  The tiniest little thing.  I was terrified of messing things up, but I knew I would be fine.  Holding him felt wonderful.
Apparently my baby shower was a huge success.  Everyone told me how much fun it was and that I missed one of the best baby showers ever.  I was Skype'd in during the shower, but I was on so much medication I barely remember it.  Will made the announcement that Hudson was now in the world and everyone thought he was playing a prank on them until he showed them pictures.
It was nice that he didn't open the presents.  He left that for us to do together at home, so I didn't get to miss out on that which I really appreciated.
So, it wasn't the perfect pregnancy all the way through, but I had a really great  pregnancy that ended with a lot of drama and perfect little boy.  So it all worked out.

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