Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New Mama, New Blog

So it has been one whole year since I had my first baby!

My little man Hudson is no longer an infant.  He is heading towards that stage called Toddler very quickly and it is scary.  But it's also really exciting.

I am starting this blog because that first year was filled with a lot of firsts!
For me, my husband and Hudson.  We all had very unique experiences over the last year and I want to share some of the geeky ways we dealt with things.  And now that I am an expert Mama Geek (yeah, right!) We are raising our son to hopefully be just as geeky as we are, he's already been to his first Comic Con, so I want to be sure to get all of our geeky adventures down for posterity.

I hope everyone who reads this finds some helpful tips, has some fun and enjoys what I have to say and share from our silly, geeky lives. 

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